Octasic Unveils OCTBTS8500 at MWC 2017

Multi-standard, unified wireless solution for IIoT, private networks and specialized applications delivers low-power, portable, frequency-agile and standalone cellular coverage.

MONTREAL, Canada, February 27, 2017 – Octasic, the market leader in low power and frequency agile cellular solutions, today introduced its latest hardware module, OCTBTS8500, the next generation of its acclaimed OCTBTS8000 module. OCTBTS8500 can be used to create self-contained cellular networks in GSM, CDMA2000, 3G and LTE-FDD/TDD standards and can be deployed in a variety of applications, including private networks (mines, oil and gas and others), public safety (portable LTE-in-a-box for band 14), specialized applications and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Octasic will showcase OCTBTS8500 and its IIoT platform during this year’s Mobile World Congress for industry leaders.

Similar to its predecessor, OCTBTS8500 is a potable (below 2Kg) unit that has been significantly upgraded in RF quality and output power.

OCTBTS8500 technology details:

  • Ruggedized full metal enclosure and passively cooled. 
  • Supports up to 21 bands that are software selectable
  • Exposes a fully filtered diversity receive path.
  • Includes a 3G/LTE UE module for backhaul or mesh networking.
  • Includes two power ports to hot swap power sources, including external batteries.
  • Runs all 2G/3G/4G physical layers, protocol stacks and core networks from Octasic and its trusted partners.
  • Using its embedded UE module, multiple OCTBTS8500 modules can create a mesh network, increasing the robustness and range of the deployment. This enables easier deployment due to wireless backhaul provided by mesh.

Announcing Octasic’s unified IIoT solution

In addition to OCTBTS8500, Octasic is also announcing its new unified IIoT solution comprised of LTE-based, turn-key and frequency agile modules for both cellular access points and data terminals.

Current solutions in the growing market of IIoT are either low throughput networks (such as LPWAN) or rely on the infrastructure of cellular operators (MNOs and MVNOs). Both these approaches have shortcomings in industries that need higher throughput for their data and cannot use LPWAN, or require lower operating expense. Until now, some companies may have preferred to avoid cellular operator based- IIoT solutions. The IIoT solution from Octasic covers both these requirements.

Octasic’s IIoT solution uses the LTE waveform to deliver robust, secure and high throughput links on modules which provide full frequency agility and rapid deployment. Each IIoT deployment is fully stand-alone and does not need external connectivity. Octasic’s IIoT solution is a unified network with modules for both sides of the network: stand-alone cellular access points (LTE-in-a-boxes) and data terminals (UEs or LTE gateways). Hardware of both modules is based on Octasic’s Low Power OCT2224 DSP technology. Modules can work in any frequency between 70 MHz to 6 GHz.

“Our unparalleled frequency agility enables the IIoT solution to be deployed in any licensed, specialized or legacy frequency band or even unlicensed bands such as TV white space,” said David Sanchez, Vice President of Wireless at Octasic. “Such agility makes Octasic’s IIoT solution ideal and unique for vertical markets and industries, such as mining, oil and gas or manufacturing plants. It gives them a one-stop turnkey solution for all of their IIoT communication needs.”

For access point modules, Octasic recommends OCTBTS8500, which due to its size and mesh support, is an ideal solution as a cellular access point module. On the data terminal side, Octasic has recently completed the development and integration of its LTE UE PHY, protocol stack and application. Since this software is based on Octasic’s OCT2224 DSP, any of Octasic’s current hardware platforms can be used as a data terminal. Octasic is in the design process of its optimized hardware module OCTUE1000 as a smaller and more optimized solution for its data terminals.

Visit Octasic in MWC Hall 7, Booth #7N59, for a live demonstration or more details on OCTBTS8500 and its IIoT solution.

About Octasic

Octasic Inc. is a leading provider of SoCs, software, and integrated hardware and software platforms for the worldwide mobile wireless and media processing markets. Our hardware and software platforms are full-featured systems that allow developers to reduce costs, de-risk their projects, accelerate time to market, and focus engineering resources on their own areas of expertise. The company’s high-quality solutions are based on Opus, a power-efficient asynchronous DSP architecture. Founded in 1998, Octasic is a private company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with R&D facilities in India and a worldwide sales support network. For more information, please visit www.octasic.com.