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24 Feb. 2018

Octasic introduces OCTBTS8600 platform and LTE-UE TDD software at MWC 2018

New low-power multi-band SDR solution delivers frequency-agile standalone cellular coverage for IIoT, private networks, and specialized applications

MONTREAL, Canada, February 21, 2018 – Octasic, the leader in low power and frequency agile cellular solutions, today announced it will be unveiling its new wireless hardware platform, the OCTBTS8600, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next week.

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26 Feb. 2017

Octasic Unveils OCTBTS8500 at MWC 2017

Multi-standard, unified wireless solution for IIoT, private networks and specialized applications delivers low-power, portable, frequency-agile and standalone cellular coverage.

MONTREAL, Canada, February 27, 2017 – Octasic, the market leader in low power and frequency agile cellular solutions, today introduced its latest hardware module, OCTBTS8500. The OCTBTS8500 can be used to create self-contained cellular networks in GSM, CDMA2000, 3G and LTE-FDD/TDD standards and can be deployed in a variety of applications, including private networks (mines, oil and gas and others), public safety (portable LTE-in-a-box for band 14), specialized applications and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Octasic will showcase OCTBTS8500 and its IIoT platform during this year’s Mobile World Congress for industry leaders.

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23 Feb. 2017

Octasic and N.A.T Partnership

2017-02-16 – Launching new AMC module NAMC-ODSP-W

Small cell providing RF, base band and L2/Core processing in single mid-size AMC form factor

N.A.T. Simplifies and Accelerates LTE, LTE-A and 5G Wireless Base Station Development with Complete RF to Layer 3 Processing on a Single Module

Today N.A.T. announced the NAMC-ODSP-W, a powerful new AdvancedMC™ (AMC) module that makes it faster and easier for telecom equipment and service providers to test and demonstrate LTE, LTE Advanced and 5G systems that require MIMO and Massive MIMO technologies. The new module enables developers to implement complete RF to Layer 3 wireless base station functionality on a compact, single-wide computing module.


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