Powered by Octasic’s certified carrier-grade algorithms, the OCT6100 performs high quality Echo Cancellation (EC) and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) functions.

The OCT6100 was designed for a broad range of applications; it supports densities from 16 to 672 channels on a single chip and offers extensive features such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), signaling tone detection, audio conferencing, background music solutions and more. This feature-rich device is offered in a 16mm x 16mm footprint—the smallest in the industry.

Used independently or combined with other Octasic voice processing solutions, the OCT6100 can significantly increase density in voice gateways while offloading DSPs to maximize their use for other value-added features. The OCT6100 requires minimum integration, greatly simplifies design, and accelerates time-to-market.


  • 16-672 channels of G.168-2004 echo cancellation
  • 128ms tail/channel (on all channel densities)
  • Octasic Music Protection
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)
  • Acoustic Echo Control (AEC)
  • G.169 Automatic Level Control (ALC)
  • Field upgradeable algorithm
  • Integrated debugging and monitoring
  • Audio Conferencing with Voice Quality features
  • Large buffer playback capabilities
  • Tandem-Free Operation (TFO) support for In-Path Equipment (IPE)
  • Extensive signaling tone detection and generation
    • V.25 / V.8 answer tone (with and without phase reversal)
    • Text telephone signals as per V.18 Annex A
    • Single Frequency (SF) signaling (2600Hz)
    • SS7 Continuity Testing (COT) tones
    • Multi-Frequency (MF) R1 as per Q.323
    • MF R2 as per Q.455
    • Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) as per Q.24
  • Compact size: 16mm x 16mm
  • RoHS compliant package

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Octasic’s high-performance EC and VQE algorithms surpass the latest G.168 standard tests to deliver leading voice quality and a transparent user experience. Equipment manufacturers can significantly differentiate their offerings based on voice quality by integrating Octasic’s solutions into their own.

When tested by world-leading labs including BT and AT&T, Octasic’s voice processing algorithms were certified as carrier-grade and as the benchmark to beat. Moreover, with over 100 million lines deployed in networks worldwide, Octasic’s EC and VQE solutions are field-proven and robust.

Octasic’s OCT6100 includes these carrier-recognized algorithms to deliver pristine sound quality.

Key Benefits

  • Deployed world-wide and recognized as best voice quality
  • Requires half the power and area of DSP solutions
  • Fully integrated device simplifies hardware design
  • Production grade API accelerates software development