The OCT1010 is a member of the OCT1000 series of devices, targeted at media processing systems including Carrier Class Media Gateway, IP PBX, Session Border Controllers, and Video Conferencing MCUs.

The OCT1010 is a Multi-Core Digital Signal Processor (DSP) built to offer high density media processing at a fraction of the power of competing devices. With a nominal power consumption of 1.5 watts, the OCT1010 can process both audio and video streams simultaneously.

This powerful DSP device is coupled with the OCT1010 Interface Device (OCT1010ID) to allow customization of the interfaces for various applications.


The OCT1010 is fully integrated with Octasic’s proprietary Vocallo MGW which provides a complete audio & video transcoding, conferencing, VQE and echo cancellation solution requiring minimal engineering time for integration.  Find out more about Vocallo MGW!


High-performance Multi-core DSP

  • Up to 15 Opus DSP cores
  • C programmable DSP

Peripheral Interfaces

  • Two Ethernet MACs with MII/RMII/GMII/RGMII modes
  • Flexible TDM interface
  • 32-bit MDDR Memory interface
  • SPI Flash for booting
  • GPIOs
  • JTAG
  • RS232 for Debug

Key Benefits

  • A single family of devices can be used for many applications across a broad range of capacities
  • Lowest power fixed point DSP in the industry
  • Fully integrated with Octasic’s award-winning Vocallo MGW firmware suite
  • Simultaneously process hundreds of voice and dozens of video channels
  • Support for any combination of video resolutions (720p, D1, CIF)

Ordering Information

Part Number Description  
OCT1010E-NNNNNN OCT1010 Multi-Core DSP NNNNNN project number Information Request
OCT1010IDAEI OCT1010 Interface Device Information Request
OCTVOC-EB Vocallo MGW Evaluation board (IP only) Information Request
OCTVOC-TEB Vocallo MGW Telecom Evaluation board (IP and TDM) Information Request

All devices are RoHS compliant.