Major Milestone in US Market Expansion

Octasic Opens US Operations to Accelerate Growth in Government and Defense Markets

American facility to drive innovative 5G wireless technology transfers with Department of Defense Labs

Montreal, Canada, October 9, 2023 Octasic today secured a significant milestone in its market growth plans in the United States with the creation of Octasic US, located in a new Florida-based facility. This immediately adds more Octasic expertise and support resources to a rapidly growing base of US government clients and will facilitate its involvement in future 5G wireless projects among multiple US defense and intelligence communities.

Leading a dedicated team of program managers, product managers, RDT&E engineers, and support staff, will be newly appointed Vice President and General Manager, Greg Gerou, a distinguished veteran of the defense industry.

"We are extremely excited for Greg to join the Octasic team and assist us in strengthening our partnerships with the US government and DoD,” said Sebastien Leblanc, Octasic CEO. “This will include plans to offer our wireless expertise in collaborative technology transfers with targeted federal laboratories to help improve future US defense capabilities."

"I am excited to lead the Octasic US team in providing solutions to our Defense and Intelligence Community customers’ challenges in the emerging mission space,” said Greg Gerou, Vice President and General Manager, Octasic US. “The US armed forces are significantly updating its technical development and project procurement plans due to current world political climates. With the help of key partnerships, focused internal investment, and mission-focused USG investment, Octasic intends to become an even more strategic 5G vendor of choice.”

Octasic offers a distinctive mix of software and programmable TRL-9 SoC silicon and sub-systems for low-SWaP military 5G, custom, and proprietary signal processing solutions. Client deployments include C2 handheld, manpack, and mobile tactical communications, and similar payloads for satellite and uncrewed aircraft missions, among other specialized use cases.

Octasic is also recognized by public and national security organizations around the world as a leading manufacturer of advanced 5G SA detection, identification, and localization products that ensure every investigative mission is a success.

Octasic will next exhibit at GSOF Symposium, Brno, Czech Republic, October 24-26, 2023, Booth #A50.

About Octasic
Octasic enables government and commercial clients to accelerate their go-to-market strategies with complex custom 5G wireless designs deployed for both terrestrial and non-terrestrial private networks. The Octasic portfolio of programmable SoC DSP devices and sub-systems form the integral technologies in many of the world’s SWaP-constrained software-defined radios, base stations, and UE solutions. Octasic architects 100% of its own integrated 5G stack and a world-class application development platform to design any custom, proprietary, or enhanced 3GPP waveforms.

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