The OCT2224M is a System-on-Chip (SoC) built to perform high-density media processing at a fraction of the power of competing devices. With a nominal power consumption of 4 watts, the OCT2224M can transcode hundreds of audio streams or multiple HD video streams.

Media Gateways

Session Border Controllers


The OCT2224M is fully integrated with Octasic’s proprietary Vocallo MGW which provides a complete transcoding, conferencing, VQE, and echo cancellation solution that requires minimal engineering time to get to market.

The OCT2224M is one of the lowest power fixed-point DSP silicon in the industry.



The OCT2224M is a flexible device architecture that supports a diverse range of applications with scalable capacities.

Video versatility: Support for any combination of video resolutions (1080p, 720p, D1, CIF).

Video quality: HD video transcoding latency below 60 ms.

Peripheral Interfaces:
• Four Ethernet MACs with parallel and SGMII modes;
• Flexible TDM interface;
• 32-bit DDR3 memory interface.
• Two x1 or one x4 Serial RapidIO Links, v1.3 compliant;
• One PCIe x1 link 2.5 Gbps, v1.1 compliant; • Three Parallel Interface (PIF) ports. Supported protocols include:
◦ Multiple BT.656 & BT.1120 interfaces for video capture/display;
◦ Generic parallel interface to glue logic;
• Flash memory interface