Transcoding multiple channels in real time at high densities is a computationally intensive task, which is performed most efficiently using digital signal processors (DSPs), rather than server processors alone. The Octasic TXP3000 PCIe acceleration card offers up to 4X improvement in cost-per-channel transcode, and up to a 10X reduction in watts-per-channel transcode.

Media Processing

Media Gateway

Session Border Control

Reduce your server footprint and power usage by up to 50%

Elegantly offload voice processing functions from the server host particularly for packet processing application such as EVS to AMR transcode.



Save on both OpEx and CapEx with high-density voice transcoding PCIe acceleration card. Deploy multiple cards in a single server and scale up as transcode demands increase.

PCI-Express single slot, full height in both half-length and full-length versions.

Up to 12 Octasic OCT3032M media processing DSP devices:
• Full Length card for 12x DSP variant
• Half length cards for 4x or 6x DSP build options.

Hardware Accelerated CODEC Support:
• G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729ab, G.722, G.722.1
• Opus, SILK, iLBC
• EVRC –A/-B/-D/-E
• T.38

PCIE Gen3 x4 card interface.

Single Root-IO Virtualization (SR-IOV on the 10G NIC only)