Employee Spotlight: Cedrick Fonkwa, team leader for software defined radio

Cedrick Fonkwa loves to travel. He’s been all over the world, but his biggest and bravest trip was moving to Bangalore after only a few visits. During those visits, he very much enjoyed the people and culture, so when an opportunity to expand the Octasic business within the territory came along, he jumped on it. As Cedrick built a team, his original six-month plan came and went and he ended up staying for two years. He felt at home, enjoying the culture and being treated more like a brother by his community.

And we’re glad he did! Cedrick has been an asset to Octasic, recently celebrating 10 years with the company. He started out as a validation software developer, then shifted into development when he needed more of a challenge. In this role, he was able to hone his knowledge across every Octasic product and begin leading a team.

Cedrick in front a desert and a pyramid.

Becoming a Leader

Cedrick is now the team leader for software defined radio, where he leads the development of the physical layer of the wireless communication software across Octasic’s various hardware platforms. He also oversees the simulation and validation of our ever-evolving technology.

Being a good leader is important to Cedrick. He credits his flexibility to his success, to understand and work with different personalities and cultures because he has lived in or visited so many different places like India, Vancouver, and Egypt. He knows that his team may need him at any time, so he makes himself available to them. This flexibility also helps him to take on new challenges and use his experience to meet those challenges.

Cedrick on a scooter.

What Does the Future Hold?

What does Cedrick have planned for the future? His goal is to continue being a good leader by investing in his team members, ensuring that they are continuing to learn every day, socializing together to strengthen their working relationships, and to grow in their careers. From a technology perspective, Cedrick wants to continue developing Octasic solution to ensure that the technology stays ahead of the market.

Cedrick with his friends made overseas in front of a castle.

Words of Wisdom

When asked if Cedrick has any words of wisdom for others, he advises that everyone should try to be as flexible as possible and to adapt fluidly to changes. Technology, just as everything else, is constantly evolving, and making sure you stay up-to-date and learning combined with adaptability, is always a winning combination.

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