New Octasic brand story

Octasic’s new brand story cements its position among the world’s leading architects of custom private wireless and software-defined radio solutions

Octasic primed for new growth in custom 5G/4G wireless innovations

MONTREAL, Canada — October 12, 2022 — Octasic, a manufacturer of programmable silicon for mission-critical custom wireless applications, officially unveiled its new corporate branding that better reflects the company’s 24 years of industry expertise and its vision to become a leader in the creation of the most advanced custom wireless solutions across the commercial, government, and defense markets.

The new Octasic identity is a reminder of its strong entrepreneurial culture and leadership position in programmable silicon, SoC devices, and platforms all designed for mission-critical 5G and LTE applications. Octasic enables both enterprise and government clients to go beyond commercial applications and build a myriad of customized base station, user-equipment (UE), and software-defined radio (SDR)-based systems deployed for numerous private network environments, including Industrial IoT, Non-Terrestrial Networks, tactical, automated warehouses, and autonomous mobile robots.

Octasic is proud to work with global technology innovators such as Capgemini and Radisys. Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Group, has developed custom full-scale systems delivering breakthrough performance, tailored for specific mission-critical communication and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications. Engineering teams at Capgemini have created an engineering center of excellence designing, integrating, and optimizing L1/L2/L3 for 5G RAN systems for Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial customers. Radisys is an industry pioneer in delivering complex and high-performance subsystems RAN software across 3G/4G/5G to Defense and Public Safety customers, amongst others.

Creating a connected and more secure world
“We want to shape the future of customized wireless solutions for a connected and more secure world,” said Sébastien Leblanc, CEO of Octasic. “The time is right for a more cohesive and inspiring brand story that unites all our clients, partners, and the incredible people at Octasic who build and support our highly advanced hardware and software products from our multiple sites, worldwide.”

“The roll-out of the new Octasic brand identity was an essential part to the company’s growth plan and to clearly communicate who we are today,” said James Awad, Vice President, Marketing and Programs, at Octasic. “This exciting new phase is about the depth of our expertise in signal processing and wireless development to rapidly expand into new wireless markets.”

Unique programmable chip for 5G innovations
The current Octasic flagship semiconductor device is the fully programmable OCT3032, a low-power 5G system-on-chip device featuring 32 Opus3 digital signal processor cores plus an ARM-based processor that, collectively, supports four simultaneous waveforms of multiple standards on a single chip for low SWaP (size, weight, and power) designs. By extension, the OCT3032 is the cornerstone of the Octasic OctNode2, a dual-mode software-defined radio platform that was first to market to support two 5G and/or 4G radio cells. The OctNode2 offers incredible frequency agility, is feature-rich with peripheral and video support, and caters to applications specifically operating in the sub-6GHz range.

Moreover, Octasic helps clients to significantly accelerate development projects with the Octasic Opus Studio Suite. This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an indispensable platform to develop and debug DSP-based applications, develop and customize waveforms, and jump-start projects with pre-integrated 4G/5G reference code.

Octasic's new branding and suite of solutions will be on full display at the upcoming Future Networks World Forum (formerly 5G World Forum) event organized by the IEEE in Montreal, October 12-14, 2022.

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About Octasic
Octasic solves the complexities of custom wireless designs that others cannot. From programmable silicon to sophisticated 5G and 4G L1/L2/L3 software stacks, Octasic collaborates with visionary wireless equipment vendors and top-tier system integrators to build advanced, SWaP-constrained wireless network systems and mission-critical software defined radio solutions deployed across enterprise- and government-level private networks. Octasic equally manufactures “chip-to-application” solutions dedicated to the global law enforcement and public and national security markets.

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