The OCT3032M is the next generation of the Octasic SoC devices targeted at high-density media processing systems at a fraction of the power of competing devices. It offers up to 3 times more audio transcode processing power than its previous generation at a comparable power consumption. The on-chip quad ARM7 cores can host MCU functions allowing for a lower system footprint.

Media Gateways

Session Border Controllers


The OC3032M is fully integrated with Octasic’s proprietary Vocallo MGW software which provides a complete transcoding, conferencing, VQE, and echo cancellation solution that requires minimal engineering time to get to market.

The versatile OCT3032M enables a single family of devices to be used for many applications across a broad range of capacities.



The OCT3032M is a flexible device architecture that supports a diverse range of applications with scalable capacities.

Up to 32 Opus3 DSP cores

Audio density: Transcoding of hundreds of simultaneous audio channels

Video H.265/H.264 accelerators

Embedded application Arm® processor