Opus Studio

Opus Studio is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides a visual framework to accelerate the development of embedded applications. It enables graphical project configuration, code editing, compiling, profiling, and debugging tools.



Software-defined Radio

Develop custom waveforms and high performance applications quickly.

Opus Studio seamlessly integrates a powerful, standards-compliant C/C++ compiler for industry-leading performance on standard DSP benchmarks. This accelerates development by leaving a larger portion of the software in plain C or C++, while exposing hardware intrinsic functions where explicit control is required.

Building Blocks for Custom Wireless (BTS and UE) Solutions

Solid Foundation

Robust royalty-free RTOS kernel enables developers to focus on their value-added application. Also provided are a high-quality C/C++ library implementation, including a POSIX-compliant threading system, plus drivers for the on-chip hardware accelerators.


Opus Studio supports rapid prototyping with Octasic GbE-based Evaluation Boards. Launch multi-megabyte applications in a fraction of a second. See processes, exceptions, remote memory contents, registers, interactive disassembly, and standard I/O (printf) directly in the IDE. Attach to targets as needed and dump running processes for offline inspection.

Profiling and Tracing

Quickly identify bottlenecks, and sort functions by inclusive and exclusive time taken, and, with the help of the code coverage feature, see which branches are taken and how many times each loop iterates.


SoC Architecture supporting both base station and Terminal (UE) sides, more efficient than FPGAs

Reference 4G/5G PHY source or binary code to jump-start development

Reference 4G/5G pre-integrated Protocol Stack.

Low-Level Software Support including tools for Hardware Debugging

Opus Studio IDE and tools to reduce software development time

OctNode2: Dual Channel 5G-Ready SDR Platform
• Supporting range of PHYs (2G to 5G) integrated with commercial Stacks
• With necessary Low-Level software for rapid integration

More Info

Versatile Applications

Opus Studio enables developers to build software for the world’s most power-efficient DSPs, with applications ranging from media codecs, to software-defined radio, to AI inference, and beyond.

Build with Ease

Build and run directly from the command line for simple continuous integration. Test executables can be automatically launched in parallel across all DSP cores to significantly accelerate regression suites. Run thousands of tests in seconds!
The Opus Studio IDE comes with example projects that accelerate the developer learning on the platform enabling customers to rapidly start building their custom applications or port their existing waveforms on the Octasic platform. Customers can also jump-start their development using 4G/5G reference code from Octasic structured in a modular fashion using Opus Studio pre-defined projects.

System Requirements

Opus Studio runs on Microsoft Windows 10 and 11- Minimum hardware: Dual-core CPU, 2 GB RAM

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